Simplifying Custom

Let Park Shelters design an original pavilion for your outdoor environment.

Because you care about your park environment, we care to offer custom products that become part of lasting memories.  Custom pavilions by Park Shelters are not cookie cutter buildings pulled from a shelf in some warehouse.  They are unique to each project.  Each pavilion is hand-crafted and embraces the heart of your community and will become the symbol of your park environment.


Doing business with Park Shelters is easy.  We offer:

  • Service you can trust
  • Strength and stability combined with engineered economy
  • Creative thinking with ideas that are out of the box
  • More choices with unlimited colors
  • Easy assembly and installation
A custom pergola can accent any garden or landscape area with soft lines and visual appeal.  Pergolas are easy to install & maintenance free.
Open top gables allow more light into the pavilion area while still providing maximum shelter.  This custom design blends strength and stability with bold innovation.



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